Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

The World First Full Scope App

London UK, March 01, 2017– The hottest new iPhone application is here! Think Snapchat, but with a purpose! Delete all those other apps clogging up your phone and memory! The future has arrived and you can have #WHATever you want!

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RADDAR7 is committed to removing the shackles of conformity, allowing the restless spirit of creativity to have its freedom.

RADDAR7 is hedonistic and romantic. It doesn’t care for the boundaries and limitations set by others. Their customers are men who are proud to demonstrate their own individualism in the clothes that they wear.

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Champagne Jewellery Wearing Memories launches Ready-To-Wear Collection

Australian brand Wearing Memories is thrilled to unveil their newest jewellery collection, Ready-to-Wear, blending style and quality at an affordable price.

The R2W Collection features a ring, pendant, bracelet and buttonhole, all crafted from solid polished bronze and finished with Australian kangaroo leather. The collection is designed to hold the cap (Plaque de Muselet) from the top of a Champagne bottle that was popped in celebration of an occasion.

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Kumeth: Wear. Treasured. For a lifetime.

The unique cut and appearance of outerwear has been created and valued by the tribes of Inuit for centuries. The creation required an intact family whose members supported each other in sourcing and processing its components. A beautiful coat was considered an important garment in their culture where designs and looks told a story and its hierarchical position to its admirers. Coats became a form of art, cultural heirloom and a physical possession to inherit.

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